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See the article done on a Baxi boiler installation featured in The Wholesaler trade magazine... https://www.wallhungboilers.com/news_alaska2010.html

The top image shows the amount of room opened up after replacing (4) YES (4) of the units pictured in photo 2. The combined btu's of the tanked units was 300,000 btu's.
The Baxi 380 combo unit that replaced them was 126,000 @ around 93% efficiency. This one unit is enough to heat the building and provide hot water for 2 bathrooms and 4 washers in this community center. As an added savings, the Baxi is an on demand type unit that only fires when there is a call for heat or hot water. The old units maintained temperature continuously 24 hrs a day.
The image below shows how compact the Baxi HT 380 can be. One unit takes the place of two with space left over. The versatile venting options make for flexible installs.

This Rinnai Direct Vent gas heater turned this 3 season room into a 4 season room and kept the husband out of the doghouse.... so far!
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